About Us

We build great software and provide consulting services.

JADC which is run by Anton Foster who specialises in web applications, security and technology. Anton has over 20 years of experience as a application architect, designing, and building secure enterprise applications.

A number of our projects have involved highly sensitive data that needs to be secure, we continue to manage the web and data security for some of our clients.

JADC has a proven track record of combining best practice in developing, implementing and supporting complex systems and the technical skills required to ensure the success of large scale technology implementations.

We like what we do, and we are really good at it. We take pride in our approach to our engagements. We listen, we learn and we understand before we begin an engagement. We listen to what the client wants, we learn their lingo and constraints and we understand the issues. We then propose an appropriate solution taking into account time and resource limitations. We don’t presume a specific set of tools, language or framework is the right answer every time. We let the requirements drive us to an appropriate solution.

We take our work seriously. But, we can’t help it, we’re a fun crowd. It goes back to our name, JADC. With all the software companies out there we are Just Another (Albeit a very good one) Development Company.

We adopt a versatile hands on approach where we listen, we learn and we understand before we begin an engagement.