ICS Asset Tracking and Incident Management

ICS Track is a secure asset tracking platform that provides incident management, collaboration and protection of investment.

You investment is protected due to ICS Track being device independent, this means if you have already invested in tracking hardware, provided the vendor will pass the data to our collectors we can ingest this data.

Device Independence


We are constantly adding collectors to ICS track, some of the vendors we have worked with in the past are:

  • Orbcomm
  • Globalwave
  • Iridium
  • Falcom
  • Independent manufacturers

Incident Management


ICS Track is able to automatically generate incidents from pre-established conditions. Incidents can also be logged by users. Incident forms have fields for category and sub-category, which allow for easy classification of incidents. These categories can be used by the system to create automatic assignment rules or notifications.

Identify, Analyse and respond to incidents. Restore normal service operation as quickly as possible following an incident, while minimising impact to business operations and ensuring quality is maintained.


  • User defined fields
  • Incident grouping
  • Progress management
  • Collaboration
  • Notifications
  • Standard Operating Procedures

GIS Tracking Interface


An intelligent heads up live display of tracked assets. This display allows the user to locate an asset, determine its last known speed and heading as well as perform device specific functions.

An alerts panel give the user a quick view of any alerts that have occurred and allows the user to action those alerts.


  • Backdrop view switchable (Street, Outdoor, Satellite)
  • Find asset (Last known position)
  • View asset status (speed, position, heading, altitude, notes)
  • Replay asset movement
  • Poll Asset (Subject to device capability)
  • Message Asset (Subject to device capability)