“It is about tenacity in finding solutions; spending time with people to understand and execute. Helping our customers in an ethical way. This is what we believe makes running a business worthwhile, and we at JADC believe in these values."

Anton Foster Managing Partner

Providing secure and trusted data services

Data migration

Data cleaning

Data reformatting and transformation

Data analytics

Integration solutions


We are a trusted data outsource resource providing data management and conversions for any type of data, whether it is converting a spreadsheet into JSON or SQL, cleaning up data, filling data gaps, adding geo-location data to records, verification and analytics.

Having a large dataset is pretty worthless unless you are using it to extract meaningful business insights from it. Let us help you create the tools to analyse your data and extract maximum value from it.

Outsource your time consuming data migration, conversions, clean ups and re-formatting to us. We are agents for ICALA business systems and JIGZAW human intelligence gathering and analysis software.

“This team always deliver, willing to go the extra mile. Very knowledgable and insightful."

Chris Holtom Director Mars Omega Consultants

Data Management

Data Augmentation

Augment existing data sets. Our team will work with you to understand your desired outcome, provide valuable insights and develop a plan to achieve your desired outcome. We can also source external data sets on your behalf.

Data Cleaning & Repair

Over time data sets can become problematic with missing data, invalid links, outdated entries, duplicate records and a myriad of other factors. Let our team work with you and put together a plan to restore your vital data sets.

Geo Locate

We offer a service where we can provide Longitude and Latitude coordinates for addresses by using our reverse address coordinate mapper. This can be augmented with our augmentation service. Data can be provided in different formats including GeoJson.

Data Transformation

If you need to transform data into different formats, we have the expertise and tools. Some of the data transformations we undertake.
  • MongoDB JSON to SQL Tables
  • Spreadsheet to MongoDB or SQL
  • Creation of CSV / XML files from your data
  • Conversion of CSV / XML files to other data formats
  • Spreadsheet to MongoDB or SQL
  • GeoJSON, Shape files, GeoTIFF generation